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Race Format Now Available

BQMRA has released the format for the 2017 outdoor racing season. Check it out under the "Outdoor Racing" page on our site.

The flow for our track is going to change from previous years due to construction in the park. Pit parking is now on the opposite side of the track. there is no parking in the field past the tower now. Follow the direction of a board member as to where to park when you arrive. You need to enter our area off Recreational Trail, which is by the railroad track on Alum Creek Dr. This is where the police station and government buildings are. Follow the road all the way back past their fitness facility. Turn in the parking lot and go down the gravel road that leads past the ball fields. When you enter, turn right and drive slowly back to our area. We'll try to remember to have one of our yellow signs out at the gravel road to help mark where you should be going.

Finally, if you have not had your car(s) inspected by a safety director for 2017, you need to get that done prior to hitting the track. Please get to the track early and see our Safety Director, Justin Hibbitt, to make sure your equipment is checked for 2017.

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